All About Hot Tubs

In general, hot tubs emitted by wood are reminiscent of the days when there was no access to electricity and the availability of natural gas fuel. Many hot tub fans love the traditional experience of soaking in a wood-heated spa. If this hot tub sauna appeals to you, still you can get such a hot tub from various factories such as Northern Lights.

Before buying a hot tub, you should know these things

Maintenance -Wood-fired hot tubs are usually used differently from electric or gas hot tubs. You can fill the tub and use it several times. After that, you can drain the water.

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Beachcomber Hot Tubs

With this type of hot tub, chemicals do not need to be used for the short term. This is a huge advantage for those who need a pure, chemical-free experience.

Like all types of wood heat tubes, the outside will be stained, if you want to retain the rich cedar color for a long time. If left unchecked, your hot tub will eventually turn into a natural gray color.

When you buy a hot tub, you can add a pump filtering system with four jets. In fact, you can consider increasing the additional 110-120 VAC resource that can be plugged into a home outlet with GFIC-protected plugs.

Temperature control and heating time – From the point of water heating, the main difference is that the wooden tub heater cannot keep the water at the right temperature while other heaters can do it. However, the heat will tend to be storied – which means hotter water will rise while cooler water will sink to the bottom.