All You Need to know About Magnetic Rubber

Magnetic rubber sheets differ from metal magnets which are more easily recognized. While magnets are usually rigid in appearance, magnetic rubber sheets are generally flat and flexible.

As these properties are very flexible and have many possibilities. It is thin and can be cut with scissors. It can be provided with adhesive backing and any colored face that is usually made of vinyl.

Magnetic rubber strips are available in sheets and rolls that are easily extruded into profiles, and most profiles can be designed to order. Thin sheets can be cut to various shapes and sizes.

flexible sheet

There are many different uses for rubber magnets and typical applications are:

  • Vehicle signs
  • Planning board
  • Magnets printed for example; fridge magnet
  • Point of sale display

Flexible magnets will stick to the surface of the iron and are available in a variety of different shapes to suit various applications.

Some types of rubber magnets can include:

  • Steel band
  • Flexible strip
  • Letters or numbers
  • Magnetic label
  • Magnetic tape
  • Supported rubber sheet adhesives
  • Vinyl patterned sheet

Refer to the various types of flexible magnetic strip and flexible magnetic sheet.  These summaries allow you to see all the different variations available. If you don't see what you are looking for…call and ask.  We are here to help!

The die-cut magnet can also be clean die-cut or left on a roll (scored).  Some applications are easier when scored through the flexible magnetic strip or magnetic sheet while leaving the pieces attached on the adhesive liner.