How To Save Israel!

Think of if America’s 5 million plus Jews unexpectedly made a decision to follow their religion back to the Jewish homeland, return to Zion, make aliyah (” emmigrate”) to the Paradise of Israel, putting their confidence and also prayers right into technique!
Spiritual Jews hope daily for the return of the exiles and also “Following year in Jerusalem” at Passover. Visualize if American Jewry repented of their sanctimonious petitions as well as place their hearts into such petitions and also were moved to in fact move to Israel and hope in Jerusalem THIS year!
Visualize if America’s several rabbis as well as Jewish “leaders” would all of a sudden lead by example as well as move to the Jewish homeland.
From Israel’s national anthem, Ha-Tikvah (the Hope):.
As long as deep in the heart,.
The spirit of a Jew longs,.
And towards the East,.
An eye aims to Zion,.
Our hope is not lost …
From the ADL’s Yearning for Zion:.
The two-thousand-year-old day-to-day prayers continually describe the return to Zion, such as this from the thrice-daily silent commitment: “As well as allow our eyes lay eyes on Thy return in mercy to Zion. Blessed art Thou, O Lord, that restorest Thy divine existence unto Zion.” Among other various examples, the go back to Zion is consisted of in the elegance after meals and also Passover Seder tables resonate yearly with the refrain “Following Year in Jerusalem.”.
The 7th blessing of the weekday Amidah petition is called Ge’ulah (” redemption”) and also interest the LORD for redemption as well as deliverance.
Witness our condition and also champion our cause, and redeem us easily for the sake of Thy Name. Blessed are You, Lord, Redeemer of Israel.

The Jewish homeland is today at risk. As Gaza goes (with the prohibited expulsion of 8500 Jews from their residences, property and services), so goes Israel. Authoritarian Sharon is running over freedom as well as detesting the Jewish inheritance of the Paradise of Israel. The secular increase their campaign to more cut Israelis and also Jews off from their Hebrew roots as well as scriptural lands, slitting Israel’s throat for vowed enemies that oath genocide against the Jews and also strategy to pervert Israel into “Palestine!”.
Why Do So Many Religious Jews Stay In America? is a have to review!
I motivate every American Jew to follow their religion back to the Jewish homeland, meeting the mitzva (command/good deed) out of caring obedience to our Wonderful Developer God, the God of the Scriptures, the God of Israel, as well as empowering themselves to accomplish much more within the Holy Land, and also to conserve Israel from self-destruction from those anti-democratic and also anti-Semitic guys and also steps with their love of free speech as well as religious beliefs, having actually been increased in these Lands of the Commitment (the United States/Menashe) to value such God provided rights.
Might devoted Jews not perplex Ersatz New york city with Eretz Yisrael!
Israel needs American Jews and American Jews require Israel!
Let OPERATION CONSERVE ISRAEL start immediately and make background and solution petitions and also quit the madness in the Jewish homeland! Such a wonderful increase of American Jews right into Eretz Israel might help move away the self-destructive peace process and restore Israel to its best mind!
Allow the true blessings begin!
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am except others, what am I? As well as if not now, when?
~ Rabbi Hillel -.