Comparing Funeral Prices in the UK

A funeral is usually the third-largest expense you will incur in your life, behind a house purchase, and pay for the wedding. These days as consumers we all too often choose to compare prices and costs for major expenses before we make a decision to buy.

Price comparison web sites are common on the Internet, and we have all at some point used sites like Go Compare, money supermarket or to compare market prices.

Dealing with death is a very annoying and stressful, and if this happens suddenly and you are left to make arrangements, it may be more dire. People often just contact their nearest funeral directors, and under the influence of grief, not always able to make rational decisions.

There is a tendency to ask for a funeral home to "just doing a good service", feeling it is not dignified to push on to discuss the cost. It is not unusual for recently bereaved family to receive further unexpected surprise when they get their final funeral bill.

A funeral in the UK could amount to £ 10,000 if the cost of funeral expenses unnecessarily not managed carefully. Just the cost of the coffin alone can make 30-40 percent of the cost of this final.

Funeral industry in the UK consists of many small businesses and two organizations of independent funeral companies – Cooperative Funeral care and Dignity Funeral. Although funeral care companies, large companies should have the buying power to offer a bigger consumer price discount cemetery but this is not usually the case.