Differentiating Good From Bad Quality Artificial Grass

Having a beautiful and well-maintained lawn can be stressful because it requires regular maintenance. Indeed, if you have the best grass planted in your yard, it will look very good and may even feel great under your feet.

Actually, for this reason, many homeowners today choose to buy fake grass. Artificial grass not only keeps maintenance to a minimum but also saves you money.

Today, the best quality artificial grass also looks great like the original. To help you get rid of the bad from the good, consider applying these 5 easy ways so that you will have good quality fake grass in your yard.

Choosing Good Quality Artificial Grass

Get samples from your provider – you should be reminded that samples can be given without spending money. The provider can actually send it to you by post or maybe you can stop by their store and ask to take it home. Sapphire Soft Leaf turf has a super fine soft leaf meaning it is softer to walk on.

Know the characteristics of good quality fake grass – Experts strongly emphasize that high-quality fake grass will have a soft and non-abrasive texture. Previously, fake grass was clear. But today, artificial grass feels great and looks like real because of technological innovation.

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But be reminded that the texture may be different in the price – often, middle-class synthetic grass will feel softer than economic fake grass. Apart from that, they come in single or multi-tone colors. Most importantly, they come in different heights and density piles similar to natural grass.

Determine how it is built – Those of high quality must have the right construction. It must have latex holed support for drainage. Also, it must come with rubber, sand, or a superior non-infill surface. It is an option for you to choose one with a base layer – this option is actually very suitable for parks with uneven surfaces or maybe those that have poor base layers. What's good about this option is that it can provide stability, comfort, and security while not having to work hard on your page.