How To Review Plant Performance Monitoring

Saber Milk detects all cups that have not been properly cleaned? But If the jetter is blocked, or the liner is split, how do you know? You usually only know that there is a problem when grades appear on your tanker map. Then how do you find where the problem is? Bugs build in cups, but hidden from view. You can explore this link to find reliable plant performance monitoring software. 

The Saber Milk sensor detects washing performance problems for each guarantee. Instead of waiting for problems to appear on your tanker map, Saber tells you exactly which guarantees have problems, allowing you to quickly find problems such as split liners, blocked clusters, or blocked letters.

Blocked Air Reception Alerts

When air is blocked, the cow is not milked and walks off with a full udder of milk, which can cause mastitis.

Think about the times when you found an air ticket that was blocked during milking. How long has it been blocked?

Saber Milk provides a warning to immediately notify you that there are blocked entry permits, and which guarantees are blocked.

How Saber will benefit your farm:

Accurate and real-time information is recorded for each milking in individual cows for yield, fat, protein, lactose and conductivity. Saber Milk also provides important information about factory equipment performance.

Until now the way to get the right production information for each cow is to do a milk test. It is time consuming, expensive and tiring. Now there is a far simpler and more powerful way. Milk Saber is a true 6 in 1 milk analysis sensor.