Why Horse Supplements Are Beneficial For Horse?

The market is flooded with supplements for horses, and it is often difficult for riders to determine what supplements their horses need and the best way to supply them. Through an online search, one can find the best horse supplements.

Unfortunately, some products provide nutrients in low doses, less than might be needed by horses, and others contain excessive nutrition.

Energy and Protein

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If a horse is too thin, he needs to consume more food energy or do less work. The best energy supplement is fat, and this can be added to foods such as vegetable oil, bran or pollard, or sunflower seeds. The oil contains three times more calories than wheat, so horses can actually gain weight with less wheat when added to fat.

Calcium and Phosphorus

Bone strength depends on the balance and correct consumption of these two minerals. One piece of alfalfa straw supplies more than 50% of the calcium that a horse needs and grains make up most of the phosphorus needs.


The main electrolytes are those that are lost in large amounts in sweat: chloride, sodium, and potassium. If given enough straw and husk, the need for potassium is often minimal. All horses must have access to a salt block for free replacement of sodium and chloride. Horse riders do not have to rely on hardworking horses to consume enough electrolytes from salt blocks and must make electrolyte supplementation available for horses.